Host an Event

Everything You Need to Know to Host Your Own Event

Can Anyone Host an Event?
Absolutely! As the host, you can invite whomever you’d like! Invite your book club, your Christmas card list, your neighborhood, your friends, family, co-workers, anyone who you would like to share Food For Thought’s cause and story with! We recommend inviting double the number of people you would like in attendance to ensure a great turnout for all your hard work.
What Type of Party Can I Throw?
We encourage parties of all shapes and sizes! What kind of gathering would you and your attendees most enjoy? You could have a potluck, a tea party, a 5-course dinner with a guest chef, a cocktail hour, or a pizza party! The possibilities are endless, so long as you and your guests can enjoy one another’s company.
Where Can I Throw a Party?
Host a party at your house, or gather in the break room at your office. Have an open house with a cause at your business. Meet at your favorite restaurant, or meet at a bowling alley. Make sure your space is conducive to sharing with your guests why you’ve brought them together for a March Is Hungry party and why you support Food For Thought’s cause. Whether you screen a video, make a brief presentation, or just mingle and chat with your guests, it’s important to make this connection as a host!
Why March?
Because March Is Hungry. After holiday and end of year giving, winter is in full swing during January and February, and pantry supplies start to dwindle in March. We want to remind people that March is Hungry too because people in our community experience the harsh reality of hunger and food insecurity at all times of the year. You can help spread awareness and encourage support in the form of in-kind or monetary donations to Food For Thought!
Is My Donation Tax-Deductible?
We will acknowledge your event as a gift in-kind to Food For Thought and you can determine the value of the gift based on your receipts and the value of your time in preparing the event. Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal tax purposes. We will provide receipts for cash donations and donations by check can be made out to Food For Thought. Credit card donations can be made online. All donations will be acknowledged with a thank you letter.
Is Someone from Food for Thought able to attend my event?
We would be happy to send a representative of Food For Thought to your event to speak to your group about the organization and thank the attendees for their support and donations.

About Food for Thought

Food for Thought is dedicated to feeding the Toledo region in a thoughtful way.

316 Adams – Floor 2, Toledo OH 43604

Our Mobile Pantry provides a food assistance to people facing food insecurity across the Toledo region. Food For Thought’s mobile pantry visits multiple partner site locations every month and provides a range of items that patrons can choose for themselves, including both shelf stable items and fresh produce. We serve everyone thoughtfully; maintaining our patrons’ dignity is our utmost priority.

Food For Thought continues to grow and feed our neighbors because of community support. We are fueled by a host of incredible volunteers who help in every facet of our programming: packing lunches for our Saturday morning picnic, tracking administrative data, stocking our warehouse, shopping our patrons at the mobile pantries, and everything else in between. We couldn’t feed Toledo in a thoughtful way without them.

Quick Facts from 2016:
  • 3,500  Households Served
  • 1,750 Seniors
  • 3,000 Children
  • 4,000 Adults
  • 10,000 pounds of produce gleaned from local farms
  • 15,600 PB&J lunches distributed throughout downtown Toledo
  • 3,100 Volunteer Hours